Save is a term that has an etymological origin in Latin to save that has as meaning: saved, saved, healthy or whole, therefore the action of saving is the action of ensuring that an individual remains healthy; Another definition for this terminology is to prevent situations where a person or an object that is prone to suffer some mishap or danger, this is used in an exaggerated way to mention any setback that a person has, within this concept it is also to avoid a risk, difficulty or obstacle that is about to rise above it.

Saving is also considered as having an object of higher altitude than another element, traveling a long distance between two places, in other conditions it is a certification of a writing by means of a note that gives validity to the corrections made on said document. To save if it is observed from the point of view as a verb is to exclude an individual or thing about a situation that is being promoted, however, in the same way it can be used as a sense about disapproval that is applied to third parties.

The term save can also be applied as the protection of an element that could have been destroyed by a catastrophe of any kind; If it is observed from the religious point of view, “saving” is receiving blessings, divinity and glory in the eyes of God for the good actions that he possesses with third parties, having a secure ticket for eternity in the kingdom of heaven.