Saturn is the sixth planet within those that make up the solar system, in terms of size and mass it ranks second after Jupiter and the only one with a ring system visible from planet Earth. The name of this planet is in honor of the Roman god Saturn. This is included within the so-called outer or gaseous planets. The most characteristic aspect of Saturn is the bright rings it has. Its atmosphere is hydrogen, with small portions of helium and methane. It is the only planet whose density is less than water. If Saturn were placed in a body of water large enough to fit it in, Saturn would float.

Undoubtedly , the rings are the aspect that most give it a distinctive character . It has two bright ones, A and B, and a softer one, which is named C. Between there are openings. The largest is the Cassini Division. Each main ring is made up of many narrow rings. Their composition has not yet been determined exactly, however it is known that they contain water. They could be icebergs or snowballs, which are fused with dust.

The origin of the rings that this planet presents is not known exactly. However, there are those who propose that these could have been formed from satellites that were impacted by comets and meteoroids. Nearly four hundred years after their discovery, Saturn’s impressive rings remain an enigma to astronomers.

For his part, regarding mythology, Sky is the oldest of the gods and he married the goddess Earth, they had two daughters, Cibles and Themis, as well as several sons, among them is Saturn. According to the story, Heaven was suspicious of the bravery of his children and for this reason he severely punished them, which provoked the rebellious attitude of Saturn, who ended up attacking his father and turned him into a slave and in this way he would end up taking the reign of the world. However, Saturno was not the firstborn of the family, but this privilege was held by his brother Titan.