SAP modules

The SAP R/3 modules, also known as the SAP R/3 system, is an integrated system that, once the information is stored, facilitates the transmission process and the management of information that has a set of rules with standards that serves as a type, model , norm, pattern or reference for being current in the area of ​​business software and offering high-quality solutions for a company’s information needs.

The R/3 module is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) English acronym that means the planning of business resources of information systems that allows the integration of certain operations of a company, especially those that have to do with production, inventory, shipments and accounting of German origin that is created by SAP.

There are different types of SAP models such as finance, planning and control, sales and distribution, material management, logistics, material management, etc.

Logistics module, is the one that manages the warehouses of a company or business of purchases of product inputs.

Sales and distribution module, is the use of a sales strategy that corresponds to market conditions that must be developed in a data structure that can record, analyze and control the activities that satisfy customers.

Finance model is a solution that combines robustness, which is strength, security, resistance and flexibility to achieve the highest efficiency as a determined result in the treatment of financial information.