It is a religion whose origins are African and Cuban, Santeria has its beginnings in West Africa in the Yoruba people, but when the slave trade was handled, these Africans took root in Cuba, Haiti, Panama, and many other countries, and thus they brought with them their religion and animistic beliefs.

Santeria is a fusion between Catholicism and the Yoruba religion, there is a legend that tells that the Spanish masters, owners of African slaves, did not allow them to practice their religion, and taught them about the Catholic Church, which the Spanish did not know. expected is that the Africans found similarities between the Catholic saints and those of the Yoruba, or rather they believed that these saints were different manifestations of their own gods, so they began to pray to them in the same way but thinking about their traditional religion, in this way So they managed to fool their masters. However, without realizing it, they created this religion where European and African elements are mixed.

This religion is also known as the Rule of Osha-Ifá, the santeros (this is how believers and belonging to this religion are known) believe and worship a single God, who is responsible for the creation of the universe, is known as Olodumare, they believe that since he created everything that exists in the same way everything must return to him, it is the energy that is called ashe, this is the power of their God, ashe is also considered a blessing, grace or virtue. After Olodumare there are those that Catholics know as saints but santeros call them Orishas, ​​which are a group of Yoruba gods, they are credited with directing natural forces and therefore those that also direct human life. These orishas are guides for people so that they can live harmoniously in the world and feel good spiritually.

The santeros have different ways of communicating with the orishas, ​​and it is through prayers, rites and divination, in santeria they make offerings to their saints, in which sacrifices are often included, mostly of animals, possessions are also made by trance . The orishas are protectors of the human race, they believe that one of those orishas chooses them to be a kind of guardian angel, that is why it is known that each santero has a saint. The best known orishas are: Yemayá, orisha mayor, mother of life and some gods, owner of the sea and the moon, she is the Virgin of Regla. Eleguá is the Holy child of Atocha. Obatala is the Virgin of Las Mercedes. Changó is Santa Bárbara, and so many more.