Being a locality. Municipality and city of Spain its history begins centuries ago, from the Roman invasion in the 1st century, which left in its wake the reminder of its presence in its funeral statues, although it is said that their aboriginal ancestors arrived from the last Celtic immigration. The ancient writers relate that it was Hannibal who wanted to seize her by looting the place, however, in exchange for his liberation he asked for provisions and women for his people, the latter being the ones who faced them with the weapons that they carried hidden under their faults.

Passing then through a Christian era at the hands of the preacher S. Segundo, who carried out in presence of the council of Toledo, while the passage of the Arabs was noted when they used the banks of the river Tormes, Salamanca passes from being conquered by several hands from Ordoño I, passing again in the Alfonso III dynasty, being in a total eviction in the year 873, to later be repopulated in 977 by the conqueror Ramiro II, being removed from his hands by Fernando I in the year 1055, with visits from time to time from the Moors, giving way to a restoration in the year 1,102 in the hands of Alfonso IV who ordered his son-in-law Count Raimundo de Borgoña, and his daughter to repopulate Salamanca, thus the council was born of Salamanca, attracting new generations such as the Serranos, the Franks, the Castilians among others, who began the construction of new neighborhoods by building their own parishes among themselves, which at the beginning were 33 and came to be about 4 6, thanks to this the construction of the Cathedral of Salamanca began.

The year 1218 important for history due to the creation of the University of Salamanca, consolidating the education full of professors in the reign of Alfonso IX, but despite this it continued to go through confrontations between the noblemen of Salamanca, centuries later the bases of the growth of the American continent giving total support of royalty to Christopher Columbus, from there he went through various conquests such as the war of rebellion of the communities, the war of succession and the war of independence; falling into desolation, ruins, misery and destruction by the French troops. The civil war came with the twentieth century in the hands of Franco, posing a military reign between evil and intrigue. Despite its passing of time, it emerged from the ashes growing from the main square giving life to the university with its students roaming its streets, filling itself with glory in the year 1988 when it was praised with the honor of being a world heritage site. by UNESCO.

It is also known as La Salamanca to the legend of a cave somewhere in Salamanca where witches and warlocks meet with people eager to make a pact and celebrate, where since ancient times of the aborigines they meet to give their lives and make a pact with the Devil to thus obtain pleasure and benefits, but being only the strong and of good courage those who manage to access this passage and reach the pact; going through a variety of tests to prove his apostasy and fidelity to the Devil.

The tests range from spitting and hitting a representative of the deities or saints, among the most important is the Christ and the Virgin Mary. The one who shows fear will be discarded at once, they must demonstrate the courage, dexterity and physical ability to be able to get the award and the privilege of being the devil’s sorcerer’s apprentice, at this point they will be given way to the secrets of the Black magic, to obtain power and wealth under satanic worship, is a place where the sacred does not exist and one lives in a complete and eternal party in glorious frenzy, of being a witch or devil’s wizard, keeping the content of the same under a music and dance, live cheekiness of all kinds of carnal pleasures among a variety of sacrificial animals such as toads, snakes and vipers, spiders and inciting music. Entering into the struggle to maintain and achieve his purpose to reign in the shadows, to go through the paths and labyrinths of knowledge and absolute power with eternal stalks, at the end of everything is a test that leads to waiting for the eternal devil or leave there with the glorious hope of a heavenly, glorious and heavenly abode in the hands of God.