Salafism is an ideology that comes from the Islamic people of the Sunni type, this people defends the origins of the Muslim religion based on the prophecies and teachings described by Mohammed together with the four Orthodox who followed him; Although it is a fundamentalist ideology, Salafism has different branches or different types, this is directed to the way in which it is applied by Sunni followers, the differences in the practice of Salafism range from: the peaceful promulgation using pedagogy and explaining to the people what the bases of the Muslim religion are, until reaching the violent jihadist movement where through violence and acts of torture they convince the people of how the Muslim religion is practiced. The word “Salafism” has its Arabic etymological origin “salaf” which means “ancestor or prophet”, this is to mention the customs applied by Muhammad, his companions and the three generations that followed his mandate.

As mentioned above, there are two totally unequal ways of teaching Salafism: the peaceful way is known as “Salafism in preaching”, this tendency or way of teaching the Muslim religion is totally divided from jihadist thought (strictly violent), it is based in propagating to the entire Islamic people the word of the sacred Koran where all the experiences that Mohammed had are evidenced, as well as the mandates that he received directly from God; the first imparter of this type of salaf was Mohammed at the time he was running for a political position, where he explained that “the best policy is to abandon politics”, with this he wanted to imply that the best way to lead a country It goes hand in hand with religion, emphasizing that people must have extensive knowledge of the divine word.

On the other hand, there is “jihadist Salafism” or “qutbism”, also known by the name of pseudo-Salafism, this type of salaf tend to reject the limited action of religious preaching, thus focusing their actions on the jihadist custom, imposing the religion to all those who are indifferent through violence and torture, showing no mercy until they are ingratiated with the Muslim belief.