It is defined as the need to provoke, physical or moral pain, humiliation, submission to achieve sexual pleasure, which in other normal circumstances does not. The exact figures on the frequency or the number of people who present these behaviors among a population of citizens are not known “supposedly” normal. Possessing a great literary tradition, owing its name to the Marquis de Sade, a French philosopher and writer who lived in the 18th century and spent a large part of his life in prison, who, during his twenty-seven-year stay for her, dedicated himself to writing books related to with the subject, like the book called The crimes of love among others, where sexual relations charged with violence are described.

The reality is that it is a way of life that is currently very active, and in constant use, the sections as they are called range from mild, real or imaginative and the least expected person practice it since they do not show any relevant symptoms, Kinsey’s report, published in two books, on the sexual behavior of men and women, shows in scientific studies that behavioral findings are found in 10% of men and 3% of women; they got excited with some sadistic fantasies. Even so, this behavior does not demonstrate a doubtful disorder.

Being so, the people who suffer from it do not confess that they enjoy doing it; especially with couples who gladly collaborate, a behavior that occurs in men in most cases, but today many women take the lead in many of the sadism sessions.

Truly sadistic people, in these sessions inflict real pain, injuries that sometimes lead to death, for this reason spoken or written agreements are reached on what is really allowed or what they are really willing to do so that one of the two achieves the pleasure of the other, here trust is paramount, when the couple consists of what they are willing to do for an orgasm; which is usually obtained by manipulation or masturbation of the genitals, or by anal intercourse.