The Runes are old symbols of a lost Germanic alphabet that was based on a mythology that concentrated on the idea of ​​a tree that held all the planets, which had three sources, one sacred to destiny, the second had the power to give and regenerate life and the last force of knowledge, science and wisdom.

The origin of the runes dates back to 100 BC and their use was implemented until the year 1600 of our era. The best known of the collections of Runes currently known is the Old Futhark, also called the Germanic Futhark, it consists of 24 symbols, each one represents a letter of the alphabet and also a condition, characteristic or feeling.

The shamans understood that the runes were a divine revelation, granted with love and with the intention that they bring benefits to humanity through the understanding of how nature works and how the patterns that are in it also reside in human beings. The use of the Runes today has focused on the search for wisdom and the prediction of the future, Hundreds of seers and people who study the Tarot use these pieces in order to open a gap between the present and the future to study the confines of that mystical mythology.