Rubber is a material, which is obtained from the milky-type secretions, which are produced by the rubber tree. The resin that is obtained naturally from the tree is known as latex, after that, this product is treated with various chemicals, which will then give way to the manufacture of latex, the uses of this material can be very varied, however the most relevant application is in the manufacture of tires and certain compendiums made from hydrocarbons, at present this material can be produced artificially, for which production techniques are required to be replicated .

The applications of this material are very diverse and date back to archaic times, before America was colonized by European peoples, the native peoples already used rubber, making tools such as certain types of footwear in order to protect the feet, which allowed regions such as Iquitos and Manaus (current Brazil) to have quite significant progress, the exploitation of rubber at that time also meant that the workers who worked there were exploited.

During the years of 1879 and 1945 there was a phenomenon that was called the rubber fever, an event that occurred in certain Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia, the main characteristic of that period being the progress of these nations thanks to the sale of this material, giving way to significant changes in social and economic areas.

For its part, with regard to synthetic rubber, it is a material that has the ability to tolerate different types of modifications, when it is subjected to stress and then be able to recover its original shape without undergoing any type of alteration, in cases where requires a better quality material than natural rubber is very useful as a substitute for it. Acrylic-type rubber is one of the most widely used today, due to its high regeneration capacity after being subjected to extreme situations, such as high temperatures.