Rounding is the action of rounding. It is defined as the process by means of which some decimals are reduced, in order to achieve a more exact amount that allows to facilitate mathematical calculations. This means that if you want to round off the figure 4.2, just remove the 0.2 so that the amount remains at 4.

This procedure can have its disadvantages, since when calculating with approximate data, errors tend to accumulate that, in the end, would generate significant variations in the estimated value obtained, with respect to the real value.

Rounding can be done in two ways: down, when rounding results in a lower number. For example: 5.2 can be rounded to 5. Another way to do it is up, in this case you get a higher number. Example: 5.9 can be rounded to 6.

However, rounding does not only apply to working with whole numbers, it also works to eliminate decimals. Example: 7.1463 can be rounded to 7.146.

Within the rounding method there are certain very well-defined rules, which must be respected when rounding:

If the number is less than 5, the previous digit remains unchanged. Eg: 45.423 if you want to round to two decimal places, you must keep in mind the third decimal: 45.423 leaving the amount at 45.42.

If the number is greater than or equal to 5, the previous digit is increased by one. Eg: 29.618 in the same way as the previous rule, if you want to round to two decimal places, you must take into account the third decimal: 29.618, leaving the amount at 29.62.

It should be noted that the rounding technique is frequently used in the commercial context, since on the one hand it facilitates transactions and on the other it replaces the lack of coins, thus achieving a more accurate payment. For example, if in a store a person must pay $ 59.86, the seller to make payment easier can round the amount to $ 60.00 and in this way it is more comfortable to give him the change or change. Regarding this, it is worth noting that there are countries where the application of rounding must be done in favor of the buyer, in this case if the account to pay was 59.86 and the seller wants to round because it is not easy for him to give the change , you must do it for 59.85 or 59.80.