The word role comes from the Latin “rotulus” which means “roll”, in English it is written “role” and its derivative in French is “rôle”. The role speaks of a meaning that is used from psychology, which is the science that studies human behavior, as a link with its peers and the establishment of personality as a consequence of that act and sociology is the one that studies the way of objectivity of human societies, social organizations and the domain that society plays over the act of its elements to be able to choose the behavior that occurs between regular and internalized people, which is a psychological mechanism where people internalize a social norm or pattern until point of considering it as an integral part of their personality that is applied in the evolution of socialization in which people learn to integrate into a certain society and thus the society or status of each one manages to transmit their culture over time.

The role of each of the individuals changes during the period of their lives and their coexistence that are found in various roles such as educators or teachers, they can be father, brother, cousin, nephew, son, grandson, friend among others. .

The behaviors or actions that are a means of a right before the justice, where the jurisdictional instrument is regulated, to be able to solve the proposed management that can be real or personal, depending on how they protect one or another type of rights such as property or a contract where people correspond to their status, but at least society expects that to happen and they manifest themselves as behaviors applied during social coexistence, so that the actors integrate their argument.

On the other hand, the role of father belongs to the following behaviors such as caring for their children, feeding them, advising them, educating them, among others, the status role of the teacher is to educate, guide, evaluate them, etc.