Role playing games

Role-playing games, very commonly known as simulated games, are considered an experience with imaginative development tools, skill development, with an infinity of support material, increasing socialization between different people, sex and ages, as an active learning . Since it is due to a contribution on trial and error, it is learned experientially.

Role-playing games are developed in an interpretative narrative way, where a variety of participants assume a character with their characteristics, imagining a story with a plot and some dialogue, describing their actions without any guide to follow, leaving the game subject to the mercy of the decisions of the players, thus contemplated the oral narrative, with the originality and the ingenuity together with the imagination is the fundamental thing of the game.

The qualities of these games are distinguished from others, by the way of learning on an active march in the midst of assembling a teamwork project, everything being invented, but even so, it is invented to be recorded with a guide or a game director, the limits are stipulated before starting the game, in the established rules or by the limitations of a certain place, even both things influence, giving the environment of reliability, the delay time will depend on the stages and the place where it unfolds the plot scenes of the story, which can last for days or just one afternoon.

There is a wide variety of these games such as tabletop role-playing games that are intended to be in a room with the chips, cards, board and other equipment, can be played by mail and email, text message mode where missions are given to a group of participants, of which they must fulfill and then send photos of the same already done, these can get out of control and disorder if the group is very large, there are them on social networks and in the forums and in the most recent is the use of Skype, to reach more people at the same time and be more interactive and give the experience something more magical and science fiction, due to the entire virtual concept of the plot.

The themes vary on role-playing games, there are medieval times, warriors, pirates, gladiators, aliens, Vikings, wars of independence, fantasy, zombie terror, futuristic among others, where clothing, weapons are an important part of these.