A riddle is a puzzle that arises as a game and requires the use of insight to find a suitable solution. There may be different structures in them, some of them show a rhyme; others, on the other hand, focus on setting up a logical problem that requires skill and analysis for successful resolution.

The riddles are focused on all ages, being the riddles the ones that are oriented to the little ones due to their musical and playful nature; instead, some puzzles may require extensive logical abilities that only an adult can have at the time of solving.

Sometimes paradoxes are raised, and you are asked to explain why they might occur. Example of a simple paradox puzzle: a man was caught in the rain and had no umbrella or hat. While it was soaking wet, the clothes didn’t get a hair wet. How could this happen? Solution: The man was bald.

However, it is worth noting that those who do not have a penchant for detailed analysis and careful reasoning should refrain from solving puzzles as both themes are key to solving these problems.

As only mental exercise will allow us to access the satisfactory result of an enigma, neither experience, nor even the prior knowledge we have about a question will help us, only reasoning and intuition will help us in its resolution.

There are narrations that easily explain the way the puzzle works. One of them arises from Greek mythology and explains between a dispute between the Sphinx and Oedipus. The Sphinx had an extraordinary ability to posit riddles that confused those challenged; He had learned this art from the muses themselves. The Sphinx used to kill those who tried to find a solution to the problem and failed until Oedipus came before her. The proposed enigma asked about being able to talk and walk on two, three and four legs; the answer is man, because he crawls like a child, walks on two adult legs, and uses a cane in his old age. As a consequence of this resolution, the Sphinx decided to commit suicide and saved Oedipus’s life.

Riddler is actually the name of the character who became popular as a riddler and he is just called because he is a fan of riddles and brain teasers. He even lands his punches through them, throwing a huge mess in his path. His characteristic physical trait is that he is dressed in green and his suit is full of question marks.