The rewards are a kind of prize given after the completion of any activity. Being of this type of cases, the rewards are announced in a large number of media: radios, newspapers and flyers; This is how, in previous centuries, they could find the whereabouts of a murderer or a missing person. Because they were carried out by third parties, it was necessary for there to be a sum of money, goods, etc., to be delivered. On some occasions, this is also called incentives, those sums of money that, in the economy, are used so that a person or agent acts in a certain way with respect to a certain matter; these can be perceived as both a reward and a punishment.

In history there have been cases of reward systems, those in which an incentive was given to those who joined certain groups. These include the one used in the Civil War in the United States, carried out in order to increase enlistments, and the one in New South Wales, where they paid people to move there. In the current era, the use of rewards is not as widespread, due to technological improvements and the implementation of new police investigation techniques.

From the rewards, bounty hunters emerged, a kind of personal investigators who only seek to solve puzzles to collect the money that is awarded for it. On the other hand, you can find the military rewards, those that the military earn for their years of service and the feats achieved during their stay in the army.