Result is known to be an effect name formed from the participle of the verb result and this in turn comes from the Latin result (jump back, bounce, be returned, etc.). In short, when we speak of a result, it is nothing more than an effect or the consequence of an event.

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the definition of result refers to the effect, consequence or conclusion of an action, a process, a calculation, etc; thing or way in which something ends: the result of an experiment, the result of a pressure, the result of a behavior, the result of a subtraction, the result of a game, among other examples.

Although applied in various contexts that are not related to each other, such as medicine, sports and teaching, among others; the term result always refers to the same thing, regardless of the type of field in which it is seen and implies obtaining a response, which of course in some cases will be simply numbers and in other cases can only be words, such as being positive or negative. In the specific case of medicine, for example, when the doctor needs to establish if we are infected by a virus or disease, generally, he makes us submit to some medical analysis that later, based on its result, negative or positive, will allow him to determine the condition and with this in hand the best treatment to overcome this condition