Resignation is nothing more than a sentimental state where the individual is shown in passive adaptation to the problems that lie ahead day after day, this is based as simply “bad luck” and learns to live with the situation that arises. it produced them in the course of his life; The individual who is in resignation is simply a type of person who does not have the courage to fight against the adversities presented, then generating an attitude of resilience in the face of them, in order to be able to perceive a bit of calm, this is done instead of facing the vicissitudes and spend energy to resolve them, which causes the individual to accept their reality as they had to live it, whatever it may be (this results in a bad term), without feeling any push to modify it in their favor.

Many people tend to confuse patience with resignation, it is true that in both situations the individual manifests passive in front of the reality that he perceives, however patience is a positive attitude since it is subsequently linked to perseverance, and this quality of the individual allows constancy in the fulfillment of an action, supporting all negative acts in order to reach the goal set; This is totally the opposite of resignation, because the individual is shown to be passive in front of his reality, but this is more conditioned to the state of resignation or refusal to fulfill the determined objective, where the person simply does not achieve anything and does not he manages to acquire all the achievements or goals that he desired for himself, but instead he learned to live with what he previously believed to be mediocre for his being.

In the religious sphere, an important distinction is made in two terms that are also frequently confused: resignation and acceptance; When we talk about resignation, it is all that has been mentioned previously, the individual rejects the idea of ​​continuing to fight for what he wants and remains satisfied with what he lives even though he has not dreamed that for him, while acceptance is the understanding of the changes presented in the life of the person, take them as new starting points and not as obstacles that made it impossible to grow the desired area.