It is the action and effect of resenting (getting angry or regretting something). Resentment is reflected in various feelings and attitudes, such as hostility towards something or someone, unresolved anger about an event, anger or an inability to forgive.

As with other feelings, resentment is one of the most difficult to control or measure because it stems from deep emotional issues, not rational ones. A person who suffers from resentment for a particular situation can easily understand, on a rational level, that it is not positive for her health to remain in that state, but it is much more difficult to control that the sensation does not appear or that it disappears. far.

Resentment is the continuation of a negative feeling. One person can get angry with another and feel hate or anger for a while. If this hatred does not subside, it may be resentment. The only way resentment goes away is through forgiveness or acceptance of situations.

Specialists believe that resentment is one of the most complex feelings and, since it is negative, it can make a person sick. It is clear that, as in other cases, resentment can appear before a particular situation but not with all aspects of a person’s life.

There are clear examples of couples who have not been able to continue their union because one party resented the other.
Another case is that of a person who describes himself as resentful because he shows this feeling in all aspects of his life: family, work, friends, etc. There are techniques to combat this feeling; Specialists and psychologists consider it necessary that:

  • Analyze and reflect honestly. Ask yourself if the cause could have been the character itself or perhaps some attitude that did not favor the relationship and triggered an unpleasant situation.
  • Leave the past behind. Although it is not really easy, you must put all your will to try to forget, in this way you can start again. It is about understanding that there are situations that cannot be changed and you just have to know how to accept them.
  • Learn from the circumstances. Several times the anger is such that it reaches oneself, that is, a person feels angry with himself for not being able to have other types of feelings and not finding a way to solve it. That is why you should think well at the moment things happen, because you act without thinking and say very painful things. So, the most appropriate thing would be to learn from it so as not to repeat the mistake again.