The report is a practical tool that is used in fields of study and research to render a detailed account of some action. Reports are common in financial processes, in order to keep accurate and correct data on the management of elements that allow a successful business.

The reports are the prelude to a final project, so they are used to gather information for the realization of a project or investigation in order to unite them all in a final thesis that will contemplate in detail the steps executed to carry out said project. process, which were correctly reported. A report needs to be clear and precise, it must also have enough detail so that anyone who reads it for the first time can fully understand what is being dealt with through the project and the state of progress that it has reached.

The reports require a not so elaborate presentation but they do include enough information so that a person who sees it for the first time knows what we are talking about. A good report must have certain basic elements made up of a title page (cover), an abstract or summary, an index or table of contents, the introduction, the methodology, the results, the conclusions, the bibliography and the annexes.

In a laboratory report, it is common to find a systematized work scheme, which is governed by vital conditions that must always be taken into account. Data tables, photos and diagrams are a very effective tool to explain the contents more clearly. On the other hand, something fundamental is the writing and spelling, which must be clean and orderly in order to ensure that anyone who reads the report can understand it, in the same way, it is advisable that said report be evaluated repeatedly by knowledgeable about the subject to avoid misunderstandings and errors in a final thesis.