It is the opportunity, adequacy and convenience of a thing. It is something that comes on purpose, that is relevant, appropriate or consistent with what is expected.

To consider that an opinion has relevance is to recognize that it has validity, since it has some suitable characteristic. Therefore, something can be relevant because it fits well with a situation and, at the same time, it does not have the support of other people. Suppose a person is at a neighborhood meeting to propose ideas to improve the cleanliness of the community. This individual proposes a new cleaning schedule.

It is important to keep in mind that there are types of belongings that vary according to the established link and the scope in which they are developed, such as school membership, work membership, citizenship, national membership, territorial membership, political affiliation, etc.

Now, on the other hand, we find the educational property that is nothing more than the adequacy and convenience of the educational content that the State defines to be taught to the student population of a country through educational institutions. In this way, it refers to the criterion according to which the school curriculum is structured and adapted to social needs, as well as the methodological techniques and strategies recommended for the effective transmission of knowledge in the classroom.

Relevance and impertinence would be synonymous with valid and invalid, respectively. We need to understand each other in our communication and it is necessary to establish certain rules so that understanding is effective. In some social contexts (meetings, trials, debates) it is necessary to establish an action procedure. It is a way to avoid disorder in participation. In these contexts, there are usually responsible people who monitor compliance with the rules. They are the ones who determine what is relevant and what is not. They act as arbitrators so that the corresponding regulation is respected in the development of an act.

To affirm that an action has relevance is to accept it, initially, as appropriate and correct. The idea of ​​relevance implies adequacy to the facts. There is a connection between the particular and the general.

If someone says something inappropriate, it can be considered flippant. Impertinence is a provocation, uneducated and disrespectful behavior.