Reincarnation refers to a religious belief that defends the idea that the essence of people can repeatedly acquire a material body as they die. Around the world there are many religions that maintain this belief, such is the case of Buddhism and Hinduism, where they affirm that the soul can reincarnate indefinitely, either consciously or unconsciously, both in a physical body and in a spiritual one. .. On the other hand in the Christian religion they do not defend this fact, although nevertheless in the Bible the miracle of the resurrection is stipulated.

Generally, most of the ancient religions of the Asian continent believe in the fact that a being can reincarnate several times in another body, which has had a great influence on the society of most of the countries of said continent, both in their customs as in their rites.

For its part, the Hindu religion is one of those that most defends this belief, in the Upanishads texts reincarnation is contemplated, the atman being the entity that presents this capacity, which can be described as the soul of each being. For its part, in regard to the physical and psychological aspect, it is believed that these are recomposed when the atman reincarnates, while the events that this new being may live will be a consequence of the lives that he has already lived, in order that it may end with what is known as avidya – karma – samsara.

The first known story where reincarnation is mentioned was during the 7th century BC in India, since for the individuals of that time, when observing the elements that made up nature, they noticed the fact that at end their cycle, they re-emerge, such is the case of the sun every time it rises in the morning and sets in the afternoon, as happens with the moon, the seasons, plants, flowers, etc. Therefore they created the hypothesis that life itself had been created to take place in cycles, which were repeated for eternity, so the same thing should happen with human life, that is, after dying , it was normal for it to be reborn, but since the body decomposed over time, it was thought that it was only the soul that reincarnated, in a different body.