A registration represents a record of the personal data of an individual in a specific way, in a file with the purpose of entering an educational institute or to validate the possession and use of a vehicle before the authorities. In universities, schools or institutes, enrollment is called the enrollment process, which generally consists of completing a series of corresponding forms and delivering all the required documentation.

These forms are usually in the secretarial offices of the education centers, it is there where they are received and delivered during the period of time stipulated for it. This window of time is usually before classes start. This is so that the administration of the institute can have enough time to process all the data and organize it about the new and old students.

Within the basic information that is contained in the forms is: name, surnames, date of birth; even aspects that only some will be able to answer, such as the number of scholarships received. Likewise, the student is asked to attach a recent photograph.

It is important to note that depending on the education to be received, a fee or tax must be paid. However, in public schools, education is completely free and therefore exempt from paying any taxes. Otherwise, it happens in certain universities where it is necessary to cancel a payment for registration.

Regarding the registration of vehicles, this refers to the delivery of a license plate to a vehicle so that it is identified and has authorization to circulate on the streets. This license plate is made up of a mixture of alphanumeric characters that identifies and personalizes the vehicle in relation to the others.

This license plate is placed on a metal plate where the aforementioned characters are permanently engraved. In the same way, it must be displayed in the front and rear of the vehicle. The entity in charge of registering the cars is in the land transit offices.