This word is composed of two terms from the Latin prefix “re” What does it mean “repetition” Y “form” which means image, aspect. Therefore, the word reform is related to changing or modifying something in whole or in part. In societies, doctrines or human beliefs it is common for them to be constantly changing, which is why reforms usually occur in any organization and services, for example financial, economic, religious, social reforms, etc.

It can cover various areas such as architecture, for example when deciding to renovate a house, extend it, build another floor, etc. Another aspect covered by the reform would be people’s clothing, for example “I am going to reform these pants to turn them into shorts”, “I am going to reform all my wardrobe, changing it for a more modern one”. In the educational aspect, a reform can be based on adding or subtracting subjects to the educational plan, as well as modifying some contents to adapt them to current demands, transforming laws, incorporating more students into the educational system, etc.

The concept of reform is very different from the concept of revolution, what reform seeks is to change something that is considered wrong within a government or organization, seeking improvement gradually and continuously, instead the revolution has a more radical concept, it seeks to promote more transcendent changes such as the replacement of a directive, the deposition of a government, etc., from there you can see how different they are, while the reform seeks an improvement in the system without substituting or displacing it, what the revolution intends is to create drastic changes that often include violence and confrontations.