The word reflection is handled in various ways and with different meanings; however, there is one that is commonly used and it is the one that has to do with the action of reflecting or meditating; reflection as meditation is an activity of a mental nature, which is related to disciplines such as philosophy.

Reflection is the meditation on facts or circumstances that an individual performs voluntarily, in order to draw conclusions about it.

In the same way, reflection is considered one of the most transcendental and original acts that the human being has carried out; since only man has the ability to reason, making it possible to inquire about everything that surrounds him and about himself.

Reflection has a clear connection with the ability to understand the outside world, being a subject of study by the theory of knowledge, since the beginning of the Western philosophical tradition. When reflecting, knowledge is created, that is, a complete vision of the perceptible circumstances can be obtained, being able to find some patterns that realize irregularities.

Reflection has also been the object of analysis by psychology, especially in the so-called cognitive psychology, which shows how individuals capture sensory information and process it, synthesize it, memorize it to finally make use of it.

As stated above, the faculty of reflection is one of the characteristic features of the human being. Although it is true that animals possess a certain degree of knowledge in relation to surrounding circumstances, only in man is this knowledge the object of study and recomposition, granting it exceptional possibilities.

It is important to note that reflection encourages people to think about what they did before and whether that action had a positive or negative impact on their lives or the lives of others. The value of reflection lies in remembering the words that have been said, in order to know how good it was to say them; reflecting makes it easier for you to feel regret for having acted in a certain way, making it possible to learn from it.