Referral Note

A delivery note is a piece of paper or document that records the delivery and receipt of a particular order, that is, this document or writing is used when a transaction or purchase is made between two parties that ends at the time or the moment in which the transaction is made, that is, when one of the two parties delivers the products or items to the other. In this note we can normally find or it can contain a list of the goods or products delivered, which usually comes with duplicates, so that both the party that delivers the merchandise and the one that receives it have a copy for verification of the purchase.

It should be noted that the delivery note must be signed by the recipient of the merchandise for it to have effect and validity, and thus it is stated that it has been a successful transaction and that the merchandise was received according to the conditions established above. A delivery note does not have the same value as an invoice, since it fulfills the role more than anything of a receipt that states that the items have been delivered by one party and received by the other; that is to say, it is a document that is used to carry out verifications and has no tax value, therefore it can be valid only when the receiving party signs in accordance with the agreement agreed by both parties.

The purpose of the delivery note is to serve the buyer when placing the order, as well as to compare that each of the products ordered on this paper are delivered satisfactorily, and to check that they are also included in the final invoice that this buyer must cancel. On the other hand, it is useful for the seller to receive a copy of this note, which was signed by the buyer, stating that the merchandise has been delivered, may be invoiced and was also accepted by both parties.