References are data provided by third parties that provide information about a place, person or about a research carried out, the term reference describes the process by which it is mentioned or pointed out (which is the same as saying “refers”) to some object or person, that is to say, they are the information that allows to acquire knowledge a certain question of interest people, uses, places, methods, etc.; For any point you want to know, you need to search and obtain references.

Therefore, the reference can be understood as news, informative data that leads to the possession of information or knowledge, creating links or relationship with people or things, and the word can be used in sentences such as “I met Juan, I had already had numerous references to that person” either “Let’s see this movie, many colleagues have referred it to me”.

Due to the meaning of the references, these are added in a mandatory way when carrying out a monographic and investigative work, giving them the surname of “bibliographic”are the type of data that allows the location and reading of the information presented or projected in the work in question, this allows the reader to locate the sources of information that have been used if he wishes to deepen his knowledge on the subject , or if you want to have your own interpretation of the information argued in the monographic work.

In the realization of bibliographical references, a series of steps must be followed or it is structured in different ways depending on where the information comes from, in case it is obtained from a book, the title, author, year of publication and publication must be mentioned. the publisher, while if the information is obtained from a web page, title, author, year of publication, country, city and the complete link of the page used must be mentioned; and so on, the data necessary for the writing of a bibliographical reference will vary.