The word reduction is applied to define the action, execution and effect of reducing, which refers to the reduction of something that was previously of a great extent, for example: “reduction of queues in the bank”, “reduction of the value of taxes” , “cost reduction in the popular ticket”, “reduction in the amount of food when on a diet”, etc. Everything that implies reducing the measure of a factor that is present in the day to day of each individual, because its conceptualization is extremely large, this terminology can be applied in different situations that the person has daily with great frequency; this term also applies to describe the action of bringing an evolved object back to its original state.

In the world of chemistry, the concept of reduction is applied to refer to the loss of oxygen molecules and gain of electron ions in a given chemical compound, this is then referred to as the reverse process of oxidation. While in the gastronomic field it is reflected as a reduction in the contribution of slow fire to gain thickness in a recipe that is being prepared, in other words the reduction is the loss of water with a gradual increase in volume that a substance undergoes due to the combination of many flavors, this is widely used for the cooking of nutritious broths, soups, stews of any type of meat, among others.

This term is also applied in the area of ​​mathematics, it is used to define the operation where the decrease in value is reflected in a variable, this is also known as “subtraction”, it should be noted that this is the antonym or opposite procedure of the sum.

In the field of health, the conceptualization of reduction is used more than anything else in cosmetic surgery; this term defines the procedure where the doctor specialized in said area performs a surgical intervention to remove fat or any other tissue that the patient has, this intervention is also used for the abnormal growth of bone tissue in a specific region of the body, where the use of a cast is not necessary.