The word Recreation comes from the Latin Recreatĭo, action and effect of recreating, so it can refer to creating something new, but mostly the term recreation is applied to amuse, entertain or cheer up a certain group of people through activities that distract from everyday obligations. Recreation is therefore an activity that can be considered therapy for the body and mind, although leisure is relaxation, they can be related.

Specialist psychologists in the field affirm that Recreation is essential to maintain a balance between duties, responsibilities and burdens with the physical and mental health of the individual. Among the more traditional recreational activities, those that take place outdoors can be mentioned. Fishing, going to the park, visiting the beach, the movies, the theater, for example, are considered ways to have fun or be distracted. Another important source of recreation is sports, they are activities that in public or on television bring people together to share and have fun as spectators.

In conclusion, recreation is a term that encompasses all kinds of fun and inner peace useful to keep the psychological structure of the human being stable, as well as physical health, trying to avoid exploitation at work or in studies, recreation plays a role very important in society, because thanks to it, communities can promote culture and create environments of harmony and optimal communication to support favorable development for society.