The word ration is usually used to name the portion or part that is given for food in each meal, to people or animals and is distributed in schools, prisons, hospitals and other entities; This word comes from the Latin “ratio” or “rationis” which means reason. Then ration is the amount of something specific that a given population or society can get in times of scarcity. Or the proportion of food and food that is sold at a given quantity or cost. But it is also used when, in times of food shortage, a certain “ration” is established for each inhabitant.

This term is often used to refer to only a portion, fragment or sufficient quantity of a food or thing, for example in restaurants or bars. In the ecclesiastical sphere, it is an income in a church, cathedral or school, and has its benefit in the table of the town hall or council.

Regarding the food field, we also find this word and it is to name the portion or amount that must be eaten daily of each specific food, and this amount is in grams; In this case, a portion refers to a fixed amount, which is a standard measure of the food that is recommended to be eaten. This correct combination of portions from the different food groups has the nutrients that make a balanced diet possible for humans. And these foods should be substances that provide the necessary energy, Essential elements for bones, muscles, organs, hormones and blood, Substances necessary for the processes that occur in the body such as digestion and Substances that protect the body.