The word hierarchize is used in our language to refer to the action from which we order, organize things, following a certain criterion and going from the most to the least important. This hierarchization, as the process of ordering in the indicated way is called, will leave the things in question organized, by grades or classes.

Also, the word hierarchize is used to designate the professional promotion that someone experiences in their activity or employment.

The word hierarchize is a term that is applied to different areas and that will appear every time that it is necessary to carry out a classification in them following an order by conditions of superiority that things, people, organizations or any other matter have.

The hierarchy, therefore, supposes a descending or ascending order. The concept is usually associated with power, which is the power to do something or mastery on command. Who occupies the highest positions in the hierarchical scale has power over others.

Companies are hierarchical organizations. In a simplified structure, the owner occupies the highest place in the hierarchy: no one makes decisions without his consent. Behind are the managers, the heads of the divisions and finally the employees with no one in charge. These hierarchical divisions assume that those in lower categories must obey their superiors.

In religious groups there is a hierarchical scheme. In fact, in the Catholic Church, the supreme power is exercised by the Pope, then the cardinals, bishops, and so on to the base priests.

Although the objective of the hierarchy is to optimize the results of the group, there are aspects that can be negative. It is frequent that in the group there are confrontations between the members of a group, since there is a struggle for power and in it the human being expresses the worst side of him. Another problematic circumstance is the management of the hierarchy. In other words, how and who is responsible for establishing order. This aspect is sometimes controversial, since a correctly planned procedure is profitable, but one that is not, causes all kinds of problems: discouragement, loss of operability, etc.

Some groups try to avoid the hierarchical criterion, since it is obsolete and undemocratic, this is the case of worker cooperatives, where there are different functions but without the concepts of superiority and inferiority.