race walking

It is a sports discipline, in which you have to walk very fast, but you cannot run. A competitor is considered to be running if their feet do not touch the ground, in addition to the distance between their legs and the speed with which they move. It shows weak, but important, differences between walking and street walking, noting in the first that both feet can be taken off the ground at the same time and in the second one does not run, jog or walk.

It is a sport that is not well known, despite being one of the first to be practiced; although, some exponents of the sport have acquired some fame, thus the sport has become more famous.

At the end of the 18th century, the practice of this sport became popular in England, becoming even more so in the following centuries. But it was only in the 20th century that race walking was recognized as an independent and official discipline. They debuted in the year 1908, during the London Olympics, which the world delighted with the competition. In 1979 it was admitted that women participated in the competitions, during the Race Walking World Cup.

The golden rule, when moving forward, is to do it with only one leg at a time, keeping it straight from the moment it first touches the ground. One of the longest marches is The 6 days, in which hundreds of kilometers are traveled; one of the most outstanding winners is Alan Grassi, who traveled at least 701,892 km.