The term rabbi comes from the Hebrew, and means “teacher”. A rabbi is the highest authority within Judaism, he is an extremely wise person in everything related to Jewish law, one of his main functions is to direct the synagogue (Jewish place of worship). The rabbi must be an individual full of wisdom and great moral values, characteristics that will allow him to be the spiritual guide of his people in order to preserve their faith and their customs. Other of the most representative aspects that a rabbi must have today is a professional career, in addition he must be married to be able to direct the synagogue, he must speak Hebrew and a little Aramaic.

The rabbis base their teachings on the texts of the Torah (Jewish holy book), having the ability to adapt those ancient writings to the current context, in order to seek to solve the different problems that afflict the modern world.

Among the activities that a rabbi must perform are the following: he must implement Jewish law, which must be followed by the community, since he represents the highest authority within that religion. He must serve everyone who needs his help, his advice. He must teach what it means to abide by the established rules. Ensuring that the members of the community integrate and participate in everything related to the Jewish religion. He participates in the practice of certain rituals such as circumcision, marriages, among others.

In conclusion, a rabbi represents a spiritual guide for the Jewish community, whom they must obey and to whom they can turn if they need advice.