The term quota refers to a portion, assignment or quota that corresponds or is given to a town, nation or even to an individual in any service, tax or loan. Specifically in the field of foreign trade, a quota is that quantity or amount of a merchandise that has the possibility of being exported or imported under specific or special conditions, unlike the rest of the imports or exports of that merchandise that exceed that limit. This quota in the foreign trade environment has been used over time in international trade treaties as a mechanism of preference in the trade flows of those goods of interest to each of the parties that commemorate the treaty.

On the other hand, the conjugation of the verb «to fit», quota is used for the third person singular, that is to say (he, she, you) of the indicative preterite; that is, this word that derives from fitting, which is described as the space or space for something in particular and the ability to enter or be contained in something else, then alludes to the fraction or fragment where a whole can be contained. This meaning is normally used in countries such as Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela and El Salvador.

In addition, we can come across the phrase “excess quota” came out, this refers to the number or accumulation of recruits assigned by a certain entity to perform the respective military service each year, or the term “excess quota” as such means, according to the rae, of the recruit who is free from military service for having corresponded in the lottery for his fifth a number that excludes him.