The quesadilla is a combination of various ingredients that form a typical food in some countries such as Mexico, there they call quesadillas a round-shaped flattened tortilla made with corn or wheat flour, which when prepared with different ingredients has become In a rich and nutritional dish, you find it with meat, rice, the traditional ham and cheese, with mushrooms, chicken or tuna and vegetables among many other combinations, with the distinctive touch of Mexican spice that should not be missing.

In the United States they know it as the Mexican taco that is normally sold in stalls on busy streets, they serve it to take away in a stuffed roll. It is told about their history that although it is not known for sure what times they are, they are cataloged as from pre-Hispanic times where the men of the colonies worked in the fields far from their homes, and being all day their women They invented this way that their men could carry their food with them, covered or rolled up for easy transportation and consumption. With quesadillas you can accompany meals or pass as a main meal because of their easy handling and utility, they are very versatile when cooking them.

In Venezuela, the area of ​​the Andes specifically has its own quesadillas of a very rich and more elaborate style than that of the Mexican quesadillas, with a combination of ingredients such as wheat flour, milk, eggs, salt, yeast, butter. , sugar, anise, nutmeg and cinnamon, is a rich combination of dough prepared in the oven and adorned with a generous amount of Venezuelan cheese and jelly or jam to taste; getting a rich round and fluffy cake when tasting them, which makes one of the richest snacks typical of the area and the country.

Be that as it may, quesadillas have provided benefits, flavor and nutrition throughout the history of each of their regions, standing out for their versatility and creativity when preparing and serving them, leaving the place where they were created very high.