It is that quality of things that are of excellent creation, manufacture or origin. Everything that has a quality qualitative supposes that it has gone through a series of tests or references which give the guarantee that it is optimal. However, this is the direct definition, product of the generalization of what is good and beautiful that society has categorized, the indirect look gives us a more general definition. This term is that condition of the product already made which tells us how good or bad it can be.

what is quality

The term refers to the fact that an object or product has the capacity to satisfy the basic, explicit or implicit needs according to the parameters of companies and consumers, in such a way that it meets the quality requirements of the object or product. In companies and companies there are quality tools or quality indicators, in which it is established if the products are good for people or not.

The concept of this term is usually very subjective, this means that it can change according to the perceptions that each person has, since each one can compare things according to their beliefs or perceptions.

The term is also a condition or requirement that is placed in a contract, for example, “The consignment of this room is made as a lease, in exchange for this, the client pays a monthly fee that includes all the benefits that are included. in the contract”. This can be called a quality management system.

The term comes from the Latin Qualitas, which means that something is of good origin or that it has a very good disposition.

quality characteristics

Quality - Characteristics

The quality of a product is oriented in fields such as marketing as that characteristic that is visible from different points of view and that reveals the importance and the conditions under which a given product was made.

In the case of companies that manufacture products on a large scale, if they produce a series of elements with first-class materials, these will be of a first-class nature (according to quality indicators), as a consequence, the price with which they go to the market marks a high commitment on the part of the buyer at the time of acquiring it, so it does not reach all strata of the population.

As the intention is to approach a good group of the population, this company decides to use lower quality materials, to manufacture a product with the same functionalities, although not with the same autonomy, but at a lower price.

The nature of a product is demonstrated in certain cases by the price they have, in the same way, the story is also part of the review that a product may have due to its qualities, such is the case of companies that, given their high reputation , cause a very favorable impact on trade in accounts, automatically making it known that your product is of quality and, therefore, people acquire it regardless of the high value.

The most outstanding thing about this term is that the products are highly recommended by users, they may have a high cost, but they have total quality, their useful life is considerably longer, they are good for health (in the case of consumable products according to the quality management system) most are considerable as compatible with the environment, that is, they do not harm or damage it as happens with the chemical elements of large industries.


It is the mechanism through which a strict follow-up is carried out on the elaboration procedures of a product within the company, with the purpose of improving its presentation, this is carried out with the help of a series of tools and actions that are used to detect any type of errors, in order to solve them, all this guarantees the quality and care of the product and/or service offered to the public.

The main objective of quality control is to provide maximum satisfaction to consumers, which facilitates achieving the company’s objectives, which is why it is generally applied in the different areas and processes of the company.

In order for said control to be applied correctly, a market study is first carried out where the information on the standards required by it is obtained, from these data the different controls that will be on the lookout for each process can be established. and product, from its initial phases to the moment of its distribution.

quality control process

In a company or organization, the quality control process is always of utmost importance, because thanks to it, a product of excellent origin can be obtained, already standardized and, consequently, customer satisfaction will be obtained, which expects that the product you acquired is of good nature, to meet your requirements.

  1. First of all, you must select what you want to control (product and/or service).
  2. Then a target must be created to have a control feature.
  3. Subsequently, it is required to establish a standardized measure of what is wanted.
  4. Create a tool through which an average characteristic is established for the control.
  5. Next, and through an already established process, the characteristics of the final presentation of the product must be measured.
  6. Examine in detail the differences between the expected development and the actual development.
  7. Finally, with the data obtained from this entire process, the necessary measures must be taken.

Quality of life

Quality - Quality of life

It is a concept that encompasses different levels in a society, going from the generalization of communities to the mental and physical aspects of a population. Each definition indicates psychological values ​​or tools, with quality policy, educational quality, medicine, quality circles, etc.

People’s living conditions tend to vary over time, for example, social conditions or policies can improve if unemployment insurance, housing plans, community kitchens, etc. are implemented. But in itself, there are different types of living conditions, for example, economic, social, political, health and natural.

Conditions for quality of life

This contains several conditions of life, which are based on a society, a community, the human being as a person, their physical and mental aspects, making this a complex concept to handle. For example, the economic, the social, the political, the health and the natural, where physical, material, social well-being, personal development and emotional well-being together, play a very important role in the life of a human being. , because to obtain a good living or to have a good quality of life it is essential to evaluate the health and safety of it.

All this is due to the fact that it is very important to be able to know that you are cared for when you are sick, to have a stable income to guarantee having a home or personal and recreational belongings, such as clothes, shoes, walks, studies, thus specifying an interpersonal relationship with others, with co-workers, family, friends and partners, becoming a productive person.

In this way, self-esteem, spirituality with free worship and choice of belief, and the way of living are evaluated, thus estimating a healthy mentality and emotional intelligence, having an adequate value and a balance of all areas of life. , it could be said that a good quality of life has been achieved, improving the hope and expectation of the human being as an individual and person.

Quality FAQ

What is quality?

It is the quality that an object has to be able to satisfy the needs of people.

What is life quality?

It is a situation in which the economy, politics and education play a leading role in improving the way of life of people within society. With a good educational quality, people could access better jobs.

What is quality control?

They are tools that detect error patterns in certain products.

What is a quality management system?

It is a set of services that plan, control and improve the elements of companies that manufacture products.

What is image quality?

An optimal resolution of the images or photographs.