The State of Qatar (also spelled Qatar) is a small Asian sovereign country, which is located on the Arabian peninsula and is established near the Persian Gulf, in the extension of land called Qatar. It is an emirate, which has been ruled for some centuries by the Al Thani family, which has been acquiring fame among Western countries and some Asians, due to the oil export jobs in the world; Its economy, in the same way, is one of the most stable in terms of the Arab countries. It is estimated that there are 176 inhabitants per km2, that is, there are at least 2,045,239 million of them.

In its beginnings, Qatar was populated by the Canaanites, who were soon related to the Islamic religion. The family that ruled them were the Al-Khalifah, who saw their power threatened in 1867, but received help from rulers from nearby states, thus defeating the men and women who decided to reveal themselves. Likewise, Qatar was a common hiding place for pirates who sailed through nearby waters, so England decided to intervene and reduce the piracy rates in the region; This turned out to be an important opportunity for the Al-Thani family, who began their tenure quickly. Previously, the Qatari economy was supported by hunting, fishing and the gathering of valuable minerals.

This country was under English rule until 1971, when they decided to leave the neighborhood they frequented. A few months later a friendship treaty was signed and Qatar joined the UN. Regarding its constitutional organization, it has been said that this State has one of the most liberal systems of all the Arab countries, since only some crimes are punished; However, this has a positive side, as human rights are taken into account and gender equality is an important step.

Most of the residents of the oil country are foreigners, reducing to only 20% those who are citizens. It consists of 7 municipalities, their official language is Arabic, although they also speak English easily, in addition to the fact that most of those who reside there are Muslims.