Public spending

It is the set of expenses carried out by a public sector, which needs to supply a series of goods that help the proper development of the work they propose. Officials need to work correctly, a stable and well-equipped work environment, in addition to a constant salary; For this, different budgets are approved to help subsidize the constant service by certain citizens and their satisfaction. The main function of the public sector is to help improve the economy and the quality of life of the nation’s inhabitants, which is why it also represents, in the background, the solution if imbalances occur in other areas.

The government, in addition to taking care of the expenses of public entities, also has responsibilities with the economy in general and the payment of pensions to the elderly. In addition to these, the country’s productive sector must also be supported, which is also related to the economy; the acquisition of raw material and the general production of articles. Even so, there are some laws that regulate the spending of money, going through different filters that decide to approve it.

There are three specific areas in which the money is invested. The first of these is social development, which includes the eradication of poverty, the provision of housing for the nation’s inhabitants, care of the streets, improvement of the health sector and Social Assistance. Economic development, for its part, seeks to create infrastructure, provide energy, adequate networks for communication and transportation.