Public health

Public health is a science that is responsible for curing and caring for diseases of the human population, in which its main objectives are to improve health, in order to maintain the control and elimination of diseases. But it also ensures that students have knowledge of a multidisciplinary nature, because they are made up of various branches such as biological, behavioral, health and social sciences.

The training and functions of public health are established by a central base that is related to the training and study preparation of professionals who work in the field of public health, because the specialties chosen by people in that field can be ophthalmologists, clinicians and oncologists who must be equally trained in public health.

The most important functions of public health is the process and monitoring of the health circumstance of the center of a given community, in which the investigation and control of those greater and imminent risks that may negatively affect the health of a population.

The development of campaigns to prevent all plausible illnesses to make the inhabitants sick and motivate citizens so that they also take part in caring for their own health, that of their family members, that of their neighbor and the development of policies, resources and training that achieved a satisfactory result in terms of health, in order to minimize the negative impacts of emergencies or disasters.