Pubic Symphysis

The pubic symphysis is a cartilaginous joint that holds the pelvic bones together. It is important to clarify that the pubic bones of women are not completely united, but are joined by the pubic symphysis, which makes these hip bones more stable and at the same time they can move. In women, this joint is covered by a fleshy tissue called “mount of venus”.

The pubic symphysis is located in front of the bladder and over the external genitalia. In women, as already mentioned, it is located on the vulva and in men it is on the penis. In men, the dense tissue band of the penis is attached to the pubic symphysis, while in women, the pubic symphysis is close to the clitoris.

When women are pregnant, they begin to produce hormones such as relaxin, which is responsible for making this cartilage and, in turn, the pelvic bones more flexible so that at the time of delivery, they can separate so that the baby can pass.

The pubic symphysis wears down over the years. These wears are accompanied by the age of the individuals. This is a characteristic of vital importance for forensic medicine, since with this the age of a skeleton can be specified, depending on the wear of its pubic symphysis. Medical examiners look at certain details such as grooves, dips, and ridges in the pubic symphysis in order to decipher a person’s age.

This joint can be affected if the person makes great efforts in the adductor muscles in the area, generating a lot of pain at the level of the pubis, due to the fact that these muscles become inflamed and also due to wear and tear on the joint. People who have a strong tendency to suffer from these injuries are athletes. Now, for these tissues to improve, the person must rest and put cold compresses on the affected area, in addition to taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

Pubic symphysis dysfunction is one of the most common ailments during pregnancy. The causes of this condition are still unknown, however, it is believed that it is due to the fact that one of the coxal bones has greater mobility than the other, thanks to the distension of the pubic symphysis. What happens then, that when the woman walks, she immediately feels pain in that area. To alleviate it a little, it is recommended to put on girdles that try to support the bulging belly and thus the weight that falls on the pubis decreases.