Psychiatry is the area of ​​medicine responsible for the investigation and treatment of mental illnesses, identifying the origin of the evil that affects the patient and attacking it therapeutically. The science of psychiatry is a plural subject, always open to new completely unknown notions, since the human mind and its developed capacity to think, reason and decide is highly complex to be studied from a single aspect or structure of knowledge, however the More generic cases are treated under more specific conditions, since after dealing with cases with similar behavior, treatment schemes are established.

Brain diseases can originate in two ways, the first in a biological physical way, some damage to the brain structure, these can be caused by a blow or an infection. This type of psychiatric disease is initially treated with antibiotics and analgesics without ruling out a possible mental problem, but being treated as a contusion, if in response to consent the patient wanders in speech, the actions carried out are not the most logical or in cases extremes, there is memory loss, we proceed to psychiatric therapy.

The other form, with more complex characteristics and a field of study that further investigates the origin of psychiatric ills, are the symptoms produced by the ingestion of some substance (medications or narcotics) which cause severe psychiatric alterations. The best example of this case is drugs, they produce changes in the condition. Narcotics directly influence the behavior of those who ingest them, causing episodes of violence, physical abuse of those around them, among other behaviors that are not suitable in most societies that consider the consumption of these substances illegal. Now, the excessive consumption of these products can create long-term effects on people’s consciousness, drugs modify the way of coordinating the actions of daily life, turning them into symptoms of a psychiatric illness which must begin treatment by a detoxification of the body in order to proceed with a psychiatric therapy.