The term prospectus comes from the Latin “prospectus” and means examines, most of the time it is the brochure that various products have and that includes the necessary information on its composition, how it is used, as well as contraindications. Leaflets are usually included with drugs.

A prospectus can contain various data. The most common contents or those that cannot be missing are: the identification of the drug, which is constituted by the trade name and the active ingredient, its composition and pharmaceutical form, the identification of the entity that authorized the marketing of the drug, the therapeutic indications, the contraindications, warnings, dosage, possible side effects, among others.

It is important to note that reading the prospectus will not always be enough to understand the information that is indicated there. Medicines that are sold under medical prescription, it is usual for the doctor to give the necessary instructions for their consumption in an adequate way, however, many times people acquire pharmaceutical products over the counter, that is, without a prescription and find a series of difficult concepts to understand. The main points of a prospectus include:

  • Composition: this is where all the substances that make up the drug are listed, such as its name, quantity and how it is presented, whether in syrup, tablets, capsules, among others. Also included are the active ingredients, that is, those substances that produce an action on the body and the excipients that are those non-active substances, such as, for example, the sugar in syrups, dyes and starch.
  • Indications: these are the ones that say how to treat the diseases or situations for which it is recommended to consume the drug.
  • Precautions: are the situations in which the individual must be aware, some of which may lead to the need to interrupt the dose and consult a specialist.
  • Side effects: the possible unwanted reactions that the drug can generate in the body are detailed here. Similarly, active substances, such as drugs, can produce effects that are not related to the cure or prevention of a disorder. It is important to point out that the appearance of mild side effects is normal, but if any type of alteration occurs, it is advisable to go to a doctor to request information.