It is the image that is formed, temporarily, in a flat body. To achieve this, some type of approach is employed. In this sense, the exhibition of films through a projector is also known as a projection. For example: “Tomorrow I will attend the screening of the latest Spielberg film at the club”, “I don’t want to miss the screening of the game on the giant screen”.

In the field of cinema, the word projection is used to refer to the emission of a tape. Ex: “Finally tomorrow, the screening of your new movie will take place.”

Projection is also an estimate about the potential situation of a company or the progress of a plan, for example, at a particular point in the future (“Our projections speak of 10% sales growth in the next five years”). or the level of repercussion or scope of a person or an event (“This player has an important international projection”, “The scandal of the congress was an event of international projection”).

In economic and social policy, the projection is a forecast of various economic variables that are based on a macroeconomic analysis based on statistical information from the real, fiscal, balance of payments and international sectors. From the analysis of the information, it is possible to understand the current behavior of the economy, this will allow projections to be made by various methods, the most used being financial programming models and econometric models, among others.

In geometry we find a reference for this word, since in this area it is used to designate the figure that appears on a surface after projecting on it all the points of another figure.

In cartography, projections are used to represent the surface of the earth or on a globe. There are several: the Mercator cylindrical, the Lambert conical or the polar stereographic.

For psychology, projection consists of an individual attributing their own virtues and especially their defects to another person as a defense mechanism. In the positive projection we incorporate in the other, virtues, feelings, thoughts and evaluations that we would like to share with ourselves, which is typical of falling in love. In the negative projection, the ideas, the impulses, the feelings that we deny and frighten us, we assign to another, because in us they appear as unacceptable.