Initially, the term Program serves to denote that group of activities that, both in sequence or simultaneously, are executed by a team of individuals in order to achieve an objective. From the program of an exhibition, to the scenes that make up a television show, they are called programs. Its versatile application however expands its use to any field of research and analysis. Without going too far from the original conception of the term, a program is a group of synchronized elements that carry out the actions of a function to complete a task. Nowadays by means of simple examples we can develop a clear idea of ​​what a program is and how to use it.

The stages that make up a program make it an organizational tool in any aspect, the way in which it is used guides the people who execute it to have an orderly vision of the tasks that must be fulfilled in a systematic way and in that way In this way, an optimal performance of the task is guaranteed.

A computer program is that complex set of components that, encoded and translated into a programming language on the web or in an HTML code environment, execute tasks easily for humans, responding to pre-established commands for that purpose. Also known as software, the computer program receives a good amount of support that guarantees its proper functioning and performance both in its original version and in the improvements that it may obtain after its development.

A schedule allows whoever carries it out to have an order of the actions they must take to fulfill their duty. The programs give hierarchy and relevance to the elements that compose it, in this way each one is given the fair and necessary relevance so that they perform what corresponds to each one. Politically and economically, any approach by an organization or institution that seeks the benefit or approval of those who can benefit from them is called a program. Food programs by UNESCO, for example, give food to thousands of children in situations of risk due to the precarious situations that their families or nations are going through.