Procrastination or Procrastination

The word procrastination originates from the Latin, from the word “procrastinatĭo” which means to postpone, defer or postpone. Its main meaning is the action and effect of procrastinating. In other words, it can be defined as the habit or customs that certain people have of postponing certain activities, occupations, tasks and situations that must be attended to at a certain time, replacing them with less important but more pleasant ones. This habit can originate due to the problem of the organization and self-regulation of people’s time; so this habit of procrastinating or postponing a decision can be taken as avoidance behavior.

Procrastination can be due to avoidance, for example when a task is avoided for fear of failing, and it can be caused by a self-esteem problem; it can also be due to indecision, here due to people who are usually indecisive and have doubts about doing or not doing something, or what to do and here where indecision and they get lost thinking about making a decision; and finally by activation, it is when an activity is postponed until there is no other way to do it.

Procrastination can affect different types of people in different areas, it can affect a student who often postpone studying for exams and doing homework indefinitely, it can also affect housewives in terms of homework. home refers, or even to an executive who postpones a certain meeting on different occasions due to laziness or other reasons; but this is becoming more and more serious, since it is a psychological problem that can affect the well-being and mental health, and even the emotional health of an individual.