Primary sector company

They are those companies that are responsible for the manufacture of resources obtained from nature (wood, fruits, plants), obtaining an economic benefit from it, these are responsible for transforming these resources into products that can be the basis for obtaining products totally new, which means that these types of industries are the main engine of the economy since they are the ones that start the production cycle of a given product.

These are related to everything related to the transformation, purification, washing and packaging of resources from nature, among the main industries that are classified as the primary sector can be mentioned mining, livestock, hunting , fishing, exploitation of forests etc.

After the raw material is obtained, it is taken to industries in charge of treating it properly in order to then obtain the finished product and be able to offer it to the consumer in the different markets. In underdeveloped countries, companies in the tertiary sector are predominant in the industry, this is because in these countries they do not have the necessary infrastructure for the adequate processing of the material, so it must be exported and then imported as a final product. a higher cost.

As an example, we can mention a cattle breeding farm, this is responsible for raising cows, to obtain from them different raw materials such as milk, this is the main ingredient for different recipes such as cheese, yogurt, butter, etc. Also from the cow you can get the leather from its skin, which is used for the manufacture of different clothing, as well as its meat, which is a source of protein for humans.

The activity carried out by this type of company is not something new, since since the beginning of man on earth, he has been in charge of using nature to obtain his food from it, through the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, grains, in addition to this animal husbandry has served as a source of protein and skins for the manufacture of footwear and clothing.

The companies belonging to this sector are of great importance for the nations since through them the economic cycles for the elaboration and export of products begin, which increases the economic growth of a country.