Premonition is the ability of a person to capture or perceive images of events that have not yet happened. Also called premonition, it is a sensation that usually arises suddenly, most of the time during sleep or when the individual is in a state of concentration, generating in those who feel it a lot of anxiety and expectation, reaching the point of despair, this of course, will depend on what you have perceived, that is, if it was something pleasant, unpleasant or tragic.

Premonitions are paranormal abilities that some people feel; even many of the people who experience premonitions do so involuntarily and spontaneously. Most parapsychologists consider those who live this experience to be people with spiritual abilities.

Needless to say, the existence of this phenomenon is not accepted by the scientific world.

There are different types of forms of premonition:

Visions or images: These usually appear in the form of mental images or visions, which usually come in black and white, although they can sometimes be presented with sound and color. These images arise either by touching certain objects or people charged with psychic energy.

Sounds: these can appear in the form of screams, for example in those cases where someone you know is dying.

Sensations: these arise through intuitions or hunches, they appear unexpectedly, without the person being able to manipulate it.

For those who believe in this, premonition is something that surpasses the senses, a gift that comes from supernatural forces; warnings that reach people to prevent them from something, so their study is considered a pseudoscience, since it is not based on strict observations and much less, its methodology is explained in the environment of modern knowledge of the real world.

Certain studies validate the premonitions, however it is still the subject of debate, by those who do not believe in this. Despite this, reality shows that there are many people who do not question these forms of physical expression. Others will watch it for entertainment. There will be those who link it to evil forces. However, despite what people think about this term, it cannot be denied that premonition is an interesting and mysterious phenomenon for the world.