It is a relationship that appears between various living beings, whose main mission is to categorize those species that may have much more developed physical or cognitive abilities than others, so they can be considered mutually “enemies”. To distinguish one from the other, they are called hunter or prey, the former being in charge of attacking the prey, and the latter being the party that does not derive any benefit from this interaction. It should be noted that predation is closely related to the food chain, a classification that reveals which animals hunt others, as a resource to obtain food; most of the time, this only happens when it comes to those carnivorous beings.

Some investigations have yielded results that propose various theories about how the brain of animals behaves when it comes to relating positively or negatively with other specimens different from them. Thousands of years of evolution are supposed to have warned certain organisms about their predators or potential prey. This is highly influenced by the habitat they are in, as well as the amount of food available nearby. The ecosystem, which encompasses certain locations and the living beings that make it up, is also one of the main pieces in the study of how interactions between animals complement each other.

Predation is very important for other species to survive. A much mentioned example is that of the eagles and the snakes, which hunt the mice and these take the plants; If one of the species no longer existed, rodents would greatly increase their population and would need many plants to meet their food demand. With this it can be concluded that predation is very important so that the reproduction of the species can be controlled.