From the historical and etymological point of view, the teacher responsible for maintaining the norm and order is the preceptor, or a certain ordinance or law or tradition. The term is used to designate the people responsible for accompanying and guiding the education of a child or adolescent, most commonly in boarding schools and previously even at home.

In the medical area, the preceptor is the person responsible for leading and supervising, through guidance and support, the development and performance of resident doctors in the different specialties of a hospital. Each preceptor must have complete training in the area in which they are going to work, be it pharmacy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, nutrition, physical education, dentistry, etc.

In the Middle Ages, the preceptory was the seat of certain Christian orders, such as the Templars or the Order of Malta. There, the preceptor was a kind of Grand Master of the respective order, who focused his actions on his church and his brothers.

A professional who works in the homes of wealthy families and took care of the children’s education through training activities and personalized follow-up. He is a professional who, in addition to imparting knowledge, also offers values ​​and norms through the value of authority.

For this reason, it is a very important figure of educational reference for the child, since the tutor shares many moments with the student, corrects him in a constructive way, reinforces his virtues, encourages him to be better every day, and feeds the desire for the student. knowledge. In addition, the tutor enjoys the absolute trust of the parents who trust in his efficiency and professionalism.

A clear example of the figure of the preceptor can be found within the field of health. Therefore, young people who work as doctors who reside in a hospital have a tutor. This is responsible for guiding, accompanying, supervising and guiding them so that they can act and carry out their established functions in the best possible way.

In many cases, the task of the preceptor is informal since their tasks and obligations are not systematized. It can be said that the tutor is in charge of guaranteeing the good behavior of the students during school hours but outside of classes, that is, when the teacher is not present.