This is a type of chemical element with a silver color, belonging to the group of lanthanides, this being one of the most sensitive to oxide, said modification is observed as a greenish layer on the surface of the structure, however within its group it is one Of those that have greater resistance to the corrosive effect of air, according to the fact that it should not be exposed to oxygen for a long time, in most cases this material is isolated in mineral oil, or sealed in glass. In the periodic table, it is indicated that this chemical element has an atomic number of 59, its weight is 140.9 and the chemical symbol that represents it is Pr.

When this rare metal is oxidized at high pressures, a conjugation is made between both elements represented as PrO2, its main characteristic being a blackish color, when the black oxide is decomposed by means of the use of an acid, the production of green salts is promoted, the They are applied to the manufacture of ceramic paints, as well as the coloring of nail polish and glass materials.

Another important use for this material is for the manufacture of aircraft engines. Praseodymium through a conjugation with magnesium gives rise to a totally hard and resistant material ideal for these means of transport; This chemical element also has an important role in the film industry, because it is used to manufacture lamps that work like studio and projector lights, and in turn it is used to create protective lenses for workers who practice welding.

Since the beginning of the technological age, human beings have had more contact with this chemical compound, since it is found in television lamps, fluorescent-type lamps and decorative glass, its main harmful effects are seen when the gas has It has been inhaled and can generate pulmonary embolisms, in turn if there is a prolonged time interval of exposure being at high concentrations in the blood, this chemical can cause liver disorders in the patient.