The word power derives from the Latin “potentĭa” means “quality of power” its lexical components are “posse, potis”, indicates that it is “power”, “nt” is “agent, the one who does the action” and the suffix “ia”. ” means “quality”. The word power is the elaborated property that is done per unit of time, but it can also be related by the speed of an energy change that is within a method or the time it takes to accumulate a task.

In Physics power is differentiated by its symbol “P” which is the portion of work performed per unit of time, but in physics you can find electrical, acoustic, Planck power, in optics, among others.

Electrical power is a certain number of units of force delivered or absorbed by an element in a precise time.

Acoustic power, is distinguished by the large portion of the extension of the elevation, the more the expansion of the elevation is greater, the energy number will be much greater.

Planck power, the portion is incredibly large and is also of little use, for the most luminous phenomena that are known for gamma-ray bursts.

Optical power, is the physical magnitude that is measured by the amount of number of a lens or a mirror to converge, which is the possibility that something has to commit in its interior or diverge, which is the convergence of various ideas or social powers.

The power in mathematics is an expression that is identified with the, in which the “a” is the base and the “n” is the exponent that is the number or algebraic expression is located to the right and above so that it indicates the number of times that it has been multiplied by itself and changes according to what is indicated by the numerical set that are the unit of two numbers that keep a series of structural properties.

In the area of ​​biology, cellular power is the capacity that cells have that indicates that it is the morphological and fundamental unit of all living beings and thus be able to differentiate them.