The term postponement is used to indicate deferral or postponement of something. It is a very common tactic in people. When certain tasks cause apathy, it can cause discomfort and annoyance in the person, so they are usually left for the future. This is one of the most recurrent behaviors among individuals.

However, when this type of behavior becomes habitual, it can become a personality disorder. There are subjects who are not responsible for the commitments they make and therefore seek to escape from them. For example, “I have to fix the sink, but I’d better do it tomorrow”, this is a very typical phrase for husbands.

This behavior can be risky, if it is taken to the extreme, since the person is deceiving himself, saying that he is going to do something and is delaying it, as if in that way he postpones the discomfort of doing it.

The causes that trigger this behavior are varied: depression, anxiety, etc. However, the postponement may arise for reasons that are justifiable, since there are cases where certain resolutions must be adopted that can be complicated and it is better to have enough information, therefore, they are usually postponed, until all the necessary data is available. to make the right decision.

It is important that the person does not get used to postponing the responsibilities they have, although it is true that sometimes it is annoying to do them, for example doing housework (repairing the dishwasher, leaking pipes, cleaning the garage, painting the house, etc.), these are activities that must be carried out anyway because if not, everything would be chaos.

The same is true at work and at school; The person cannot postpone or delay the tasks that are delegated to him, since that would show that he is an irresponsible person and would entail serious consequences.

It is really significant that the family fosters the value of being responsible and avoiding putting things off, even if they are tedious, since in this way they are taught what responsibility is and some good men and women will do them.